The Photographer:

He raises his head to the viewfinder, looking – always – for a fresh perspective. The perfect exposure. The penultimate blink of an eye. A moment forever frozen in time.

Variety is the spice of this visual artist’s life and he thrives on new experiences and new environments, adapting to them with a sense of ease, capturing and composing images from the inside out, as well as from the outside in. Mixing light in urban and natural environments alike, to inspire imagination. Swimming in violent ocean waters that would make one’s bones tremble with fear.

These split seconds of time vary widely. Land and seascapes saturated in colour, which evoke life lived to the fullest. Grainy grey moments that invite introspection and uncertainty. A life seen in lines conveying symmetry and structure that might not otherwise be present.

Whether famous faces, or portraits of friends, there is a unique ability to capture something vulnerable and candid in subjects; elements of a photojournalistic style creating a narrative with the capacity to speak a thousand words.

Professional and personable. Passionate and productive.

The photographer.